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  • Adey Warden

    Anymore plans to have us jumping through any more hoops in the near future because this is doing my head in, I really can't be doing with these emails popping up all the time telling me i gotta do this and that, everytime I try and do what it's asking it just sends me around in circles, I know someones been paid to do this and we all must be controlled and TRUSTD but at least make it more simple and straightforward and less annoying and time consuming !

  • Sylvia Davies

    Well said. We have asked for some kind of vetting for those users of TEG who refuse to pay for work done, don’t answer the phone and don’t respond to emails. Some of these already have numerous complaints registered against them and some have CCJs in force - vetting these companies, we feel, should take priority over asking the rest of us to prove again (they already have all our docs etc) that we are who we say we are. Proof of identity is no guarantee of integrity.


  • Sylvia Davies

    Has anyone else tried doing this yet?

    What a palaver! You would think that when it tells you to Click Here that you would be directed to the place to start – not so.

    Having spent some considerable time trying to find the elusive link to click on in the first place, then having clicked I spend a further 2 or 3 hours back and forth, logging in, asking for a new password, logging in, searching for somewhere to start uploading stuff, asking for help from the enigmatically named help desk, got the answer “As I suspected you are logged onto the wrong site”!

    One would expect that when someone involved in compliance offers you a link to a form to be completed - to prove your compliance - that you might be directed to the correct starting point!

    So I went through the whole process again in a different part of the Trustd site - several hours later I got to the place to upload my documents to be met with yet another obstacle – the first thing they want is a “selfie” so as I was completing this form an behalf of the boss I asked again for help.

    The answer – “You will not be able to do this until the liveness check has been completed”

    By this point I was not sure I could claim to feeling “lively”.

    The really annoying thing is that they already have all this information on the TEG website and, as this Trustd thing appears to be solely owned by one of TEGs directors, why do we need to go through all this.

    I may be mistaken but is there a slight whiff of rodent in the air?

    The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the company I work for.

  • mail

    Sylvia Davies, I totally agree with you, people need to very careful with the information they upload and the genuine reason behind it. TEG are currently showing Personal Documentation, e.g. Driving licences, Personal Bank Statements plus other information.(this has been reported to them) I do agree that the more checks they do the better the system, but some checks seem pointless and most of this information should not be on show. please be careful with who you share your personal information too.


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